Uhm Ki-joon to Marry Non-celebrity

Rumors of actor Uhm Ki-joon's marriage have been raised.


On the 13th, The Fact reported that Uhm Ki-joon will have a wedding ceremony in December with his non-celebrity lover. He was particularly careful not to let the news of the wedding be known to the public and the wedding ceremony will also be held behind closed doors with family members, relatives, and close acquaintances.

Uhm Ki-joon made his debut in the play "Richard III" in 1995. Starting with the one-act drama "Drama City" in 2006, Uhm Ki-joon gained popularity by appearing in several dramas such as "Worlds Within", "Ghost - Drama", " Defendant", "Two Lives One Heart", "The Penthouse" series and "Little Women".

Recently, Uhm Ki-joon actively performed in SBS's Friday-Saturday drama "The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection".