"Uncle Sam-sik" Song Kang-ho's Drama Debut

Disney+'s original series "Uncle Sam-sik" confirmed its release date and released the opening trailer and poster.


"Uncle Sam-sik" depicts the story of Uncle Sam-sik (Song Kang-ho), who never fails to get three meals a day even during war, and Kim San (Byun Yo-han), an elite young man who wants to make a country where everyone eats well and lives well, to achieve his dream in an era of chaos.

Opening Trailer

The opening trailer confirmed the release of "Uncle Sam-sik" on May 15th and amplified curiosity about Uncle Sam-sik was released.

The opening trailer catches the eye with people looking for Uncle Sam-sik in different situations. Starting with the student asking, "Who is Uncle Sam-sik?" and various cries such as "Hey, Sam-sik", "Sam-sik", and "Uncle Sam-sik" follow. Some call him with pleasure, while others call him with suspicious eyes, earnestness, and contempt, raising questions about Uncle Sam-sik.

When asked, "What does Sam-sik mean?" Kim San (Byun Yo-han), an elite young man, calmly explains, "Even during the war, he will get three meals a day and he won't starve his family". In response, Uncle Sam-sik (Song Kang-ho) said, "Everyone calls me that out of love and respect. I love it. It's my nickname", leaving a strong lingering image with a meaningful smile.

The opening trailer, which starts with curiosity about the name everyone is looking for, "Uncle Sam-sik", raises expectations for the drama that will unfold as Uncle Sam-sik and the people who are looking for him become entangled with each other.

The opening poster, which was released together, captures the heart with warm eyes and warm smiles that only Song Kang-ho can capture. Everyone calls him "Uncle Sam-sik" because it is said he has a strong responsibility for his family.

The image of him holding a snack in one hand and a dried yellow corvina in one hand makes a deep impression as if he were talking to the viewers directly. On top of that, the copy of "When I'm full, my heart opens up" is the main line of "Uncle Sam-sik" and contains his philosophy of life.

The appearance of Uncle Sam-sik, who considers it most important to eat well and live well, holding both hands full of food raises questions about who he faces in front of him and opens up expectations for "Uncle Sam-sik".

"Uncle Sam-sik" will be released on Disney+ on May 15th and will be available in a total of sixteen episodes.