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[Upcoming DVD Releases] "The Box" and "Vertigo"

"The Box" and "Vertigo" are available to preorder on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA.

"The Box" (2021)


Directed by Yang Jung-woong

With Chanyeol, Jo Dal-hwan, Kim Ji-hyun-II, Kang Jae-joon,...

Started filming: 2020/08/End
A drama about a young man aspiring to become a singer and a washed-up former hit producer. The two men head off on a road trip filled with music and jamming sessions.

Release date in Korea : 2021/03/24

DVD 2-disc with English subtitles

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"Vertigo" (2018)

Directed by Jeon Gye-soo

With Chun Woo-hee, Teo Yoo, Jung Jae-gwang, Hong Ji-suk, Park Ye-young, Na Mi-hee,...

A melo film about a woman who feels like she's falling from her office in a tall building, and a rope climber who walks on a rope amidst the forest of buildings like Spiderman. They face each other on either sides of a glass window until they finally meet on the rooftop of Machunru.

Release date in Korea : 2019/10/16

DVD with English subtitles

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