[Video + Photos] Highlight Video and Press Conference Photos Added for the Upcoming Korean Drama "She Knows Everything"

Highlight video and press conference photos added for the upcoming Korean drama "She Knows Everything".

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"She Knows Everything" (2020)

Directed by Lee Dong-hyun-IV

Written by Seo Young-hee-I

Network: MBC

With Kang Sung-yeon, Jo Han-sun, Park Shin-ah, Kim Do-wan, Lee Ki-hyuk, Moon Chang-gil,...

8 episodes - Wed, Thu 21:30
Also known as "Miss Lee Knows"
"She Knows Everything" is a mystery drama that occurs in a reconstructing apartment. Kang Sung-yeon takes on the role of Lee Goong-bok, the queen of nosiness in the neighborhood and apartment real estate agent while Jo Han-sun is a self-conceited veteran detective named In Ho-cheol. Together, they bicker but work together to find the truth.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2020/07/08