[Video] "A Puppet" preview shows adult-rated scenes

The movie "A Puppet" revealed adult-rated bed scenes.


"A Puppet" is a movie about the end of an appealing woman named Hyeon-jin (Koo Ji-sung) who hallucinates and a man who puts a dangerous hypnosis on her. Like the title which seems adult-rated, the movie is only made for grown-ups.

In the preview, there were several scenes that were not shown in the former preview. Ji-hoon (Lee Jong-soo) dangerously tries to hypnotize Hyeon-jin and the way she's hypnotized mesmerizes the eyes of men.

Lee Jong-soo, Han So-young and Koo Ji-sung's horrifying bed scene should also leave a deep impression in the audience's minds.

"A Puppet" will be released on the 20th of June.