[Video] A Young Man Contemplates Love in Teaser for "Queer Movie Beautiful"

Teaser released for the Korean movie "Queer Movie Beautiful".

"Queer Movie Beautiful" (2018)

Directed by Baek In-gyoo

With Kim Hyun-mok, Choi Chan-ho-I, Na Do-hwan, Choi Ji-woong-II, Lee Ji-hyun-X, Im Jung-hwan,...

A young boy just wants love. Pyeong Beom-hye is conscious about his looks and he steals the picture of Do Do-han, a friend he always looks up to. Beom-hye uses the picture online to pretend to be someomne he's not and get the love he's never had before. However, this fake happiness doesn't last long...

Release date in Korea : 2018/10/06