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[Video] "Beautiful Mind" unveils second teaser

A second teaser of the new KBS 2TV mystery medical drama "Beautiful Mind" is out.


In the teaser are Jang Hyuk (Lee Yeong-oh), Park Se-young (Kim Min-jae), Huh Joon-ho (Lee Geon-myeong), Oh Jung-se (Kang Hyeon-joon), Shim Yi-young (Kim Yoon-kyeong) and more. The way they speak and their expressions portrays the emotions they feel.

However, Jang Hyuk who starts off with the word, "I...", no expression can be read. The narration continues, "Not being able to feel another's feelings means I am alone in a population of 5 billion people".

The teaser perfectly portrays the colors of each character and highlights on their relationship with life.

Meanwhile, "Beautiful Mind" is a mysterious medical drama about finding emotions and humanism while Lee Yeong-oh, a doctor gets involved with the mysterious deaths of his patients. The drama is set to premiere on June 20 at 10PM.

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