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[Video] Behind-the-scenes Video Released for the Korean Animated Movie "Mother Land"

Behind-the-scenes video released for the Korean animated movie "Mother Land"


"Mother Land" (2022)

Directed by Park Jae-beom-IV

Voiced by Lee Yun-ji, Kim Seo-young, Lee Yong-nyeo, Kim Ye-eun, Kang Gil-woo, Lee Gwan-mok,...

"Daughter, I gave birth to you today".
Krisha is the daughter of the Yates who are the nomad tribe of the tundra. To save her sick mother, she follows the words of Shaman and takes off on her adventure to the end of Northern land to find the red bear she saw in her dreams. In the meanwhile, Captain Vladimir of the federal army and Bazak, the hunter, invades the forest to hunt the red bear. Krisha arrives at the forest where she hears the voice of the red bear.

Release date in Korea : 2023/01/25

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