[Video] Behind-the-scenes Video Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey"

Behind-the-scenes video released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey"


"The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey" (2020)

Directed by Kim Yong-wan

With Uhm Ji-won, Jung Ji-so, Jung Moon-sung, Kim In-kwon, Ko Kyu-pil, Kwon Hae-hyo,...

Starts filming: 2020/09
"The Cursed: Dead Man's Prey" is about a teenage girl who has the ability to bring death by using Chinese characters, names, photos, and belongings, and a just social issues reporter, fighting against the massive evil hidden behind an IT conglomerate.

Release date in Korea : 2021/07/28