[Video] Character Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Dog Days"

Teaser released for the upcoming Korean movie "Dog Days"

Character Trailer 2


"Dog Days" (2021)

Directed by Kim Deok-min

With Youn Yuh-jung, Yoo Hae-jin, Kim Yunjin, Jung Sung-hwa, Kim Seo-hyung, Daniel Henney,...

Min-sang (Yoo Hae-jin), a single man with a neat personality, has a headache every day because of Jin-young (Kim Seo-hyung), a veterinarian who turned his hard-earned building into dog poop. Min-sang, who has been fighting with Jin-young again, meets an old lady who has a temper at the animal hospital, and she is none other than world renown architect Min-seo (Youn Yuh-jung)! Min-sang, who desperately needs Min-seo's help for an ongoing project, starts targeting Jin-young and her dog to leave a good impression on Min-seo. Suddenly, Min-seo collapses on the street and loses her one and only family dog, Wanda. Not knowing that the family of K-pop composers Sun-yong (Jung Sung-hwa) and Jeong-ah (Kim Yunjin) living in the neighborhood are taking care of Wanda, Min-seo goes out to look for Wanda with Jin-woo (Tang Jun-sang), an MZ delivery rider who saves her. Meanwhile, band leader Hyeon (Lee Hyun-woo), Seon-yong's junior, volunteers himself as his ex-girlfriend's dog Sting's daddy when her boyfriend ex-boyfriend Daniel (Daniel Henney) shows up. The story of those who get tangled up with each other thanks to their special friends begins now!

Thank you everyone, the funeral ended yesterday but we (I) was exhausted and had so much to do. I've just started working and will try to do as much as i can right now.

Release date in Korea : 2024/02/07