[Video] New Music Video Released for the Upcoming Korean Animated Movie "Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon"

New music video released for the upcoming Korean animated movie "Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon"

2nd Music Video 'Look at Me'


"Hello Carbot the Movie: Save the Moon" (2019)

Directed by Choi Sin-gyoo, Kim Jin-chul

Voiced by Lee Ji-hyun-VII, Kim Yong-joon, Yang Jeong-hwa, Jo Kyung-yi, Sa Moon-yeong, Um Sang-hyun,...

The tower crane and the space station disappear from peaceful Earth, and the Rabbit Tribe that used to live behind the moon are in danger because of robot attacks. The Chiola Aliens want to invade Earth!

Chatan and the Carbots, who keep the peace on Earth, leave on a journey to the moon to fight the alien group that causes mayhem!

Carbots and the Rabbit Tribe become allies for the first time in history!

Release date in Korea : 2019/09/04