[Video] "Pil-dong" Is a Peaceful Wonderland in First Trailer

What a gorgeous, introspective first tralier has been dropped for "Pil-dong" the story of a town that helps people look inside themselves.

"Pil-dong" (2018)

Directed by Jung Dong-hoon

With Jo Se-rin, Cha Ji-won, Kim Hyung-il-II, Min Jun-ho, Gil Tae-ho,...

A quiet village in the city is remembered as a place for looking back on one's self. The story of belief, hope, and love is a tool to communicate properly with oneself rather than with others. Living in the city, this generation worries about the belief and hope in others. If you were to visit Pil-dong after watching this movie, you might find the YOU you have been forgetting.