[Video] SBS Drama Awards 2019 Teaser and Nominees

SBS Drama Awards 2019 teaser and nominees for the December, 31 2019 ceremony to be presented by Shin Dong-yup and Jang Nara.


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Monday-Tuesday Dramas

"My Strange Hero"
"The Secret Life of My Secretary"


Thursday-Wednesday Dramas

"The Last Empress"
"Big Issue"
"Absolute Boyfriend"
"Doctor Detective"
"Secret Boutique"


Weekend Dramas

"Fates and Furies"
"The Fiery Priest"
"The Nokdu Flower"
"Doctor John"


Daily Dramas

"Gangnam Scandal"
"Shady Mom-in-Law"
"Wanna Taste"


Short Dramas

"Everything and Nothing"
"Hip Hop King - Nasna Street"


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