[Video] Third Teaser Released for the Upcoming Korean Drama "Absolute Boyfriend"

Third teaser released for the upcoming Korean drama "Absolute Boyfriend".

Teaser 3


"Absolute Boyfriend" (2019)

Directed by Jeong Jeong-hwa

Written by Jang Ah-mi, Yang Hyeok-moon

Network: SBS

With Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Minah, Hong Jong-hyun, Hong Seo-young, Choi Sung-won, Gong Jung-hwan,...

40 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00 (2x35min episodes per day)
Based on the popular drama "Absolute Boyfriend", the Upcoming Korean remake tells the story of a special makeup artist who accidentally ends up with the perfect boyfriend robot who must vie with a top star for her affections.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2019/05/15