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[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Documentary "The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean documentary "The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery"


"The Carthusian Cloistered Monastery" (2020)

Directed by Kim Dong-il-I

15 years after "The Great Silence", which was dazzlingly beautiful, and another mystery came to our tired lives. "The world changes, but the cross stands tall".

The mysterious Carthusian Cloistered Monastery, first known to the world in 1,000 years by the movie "The Great Silence". In 2005, when the movie was released, the only carthusio blockade monastery in Asia was established in Sangju, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea. Fifteen years after that, the lives of 11 Carthusian detectives with diverse nationalities, including South Korea, France, Germany and Spain, will be unveiled for the first time. The daily life of investigators living a life of silence, solitude, and poverty along the strict Carthusian Charter in beautiful spring, summer, autumn and winter scenery! 

What do those who look only at the cross in a solitary room farthest from the world live for? The simple and great life of the Carthusian monks and holy prayer for the world come to us, tired of anxiety!

Release date in Korea : 2020/11

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