[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "Last Film"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "Last Film"


"Last Film" (2021)

Directed by Jeon Soo-il

With Jang Hyun-sung, Kim Jin-hyuk, Kim Sang-oh, Jung Eun-young, Yoo Soon-chul, Kim Hye-jung-I,...

"What am I looking for?"

Sang-min, a theater professor and film director, teaches about movies but is in a complicated situation living in the school because of a debtor. One day, a loan shark, Man-bok, suddenly appears and offers a deal that he will pay off all his debts if Sang-min turns his story into a movie. After that, Sang-min accompanies Man-bok and experiences things that he does not know whether it is a dream or reality...

The thing he wanted to do the most: Last Film

Release date in Korea : 2022/12/29