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[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Movie "The Education"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean movie "The Education"


"The Education" (2019)

Directed by Kim Duk-joong

With Moon Hye-in, Kim Joon-hyung-III, Song Young-sook, Shin Sun-hae, Hong Ji-suk, Kwon Ki-ha,...

The plot of "The Education" is simply summed up. Seong-hee, who is taking care of the disabled, visits the Hyeon-mok's house. Hyeon-mok's mother is a severely disabled person who cannot move and is unconscious. Seong-hee and Hyeon-mok get to know each other little by little. But this simple summary of the plot is full of fascinating emotions that cannot be explained in "The Education". That makes this movie interesting. The repercussions of small talks the characters spit out or small movements are amazing. The early part of the war of nerves between Seong-hee and Hyeon-mok, the friendship or affection that builds up thanks to the war of nerves, their languid, somber, and sad picnic of a day, and the funny and affectionate last sequence that comes like lightning. "The Education" is both delicate and seductive. (JUNG Han-Seok)

Release date in Korea : 2020/11/26

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