[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Korean Omnibus Movie "Moebius - 2021"

Trailer released for the upcoming Korean omnibus movie "Moebius - 2021"



"Moebius - 2021" (2020)

Directed by Choi Young-joo-I, Hillfinger Hwang, Kim Young-I, Lee So-yeon-II

With Gong Soo-ho, Byun Ji-hyun, Hong Yoo-ra, Jung Hyun-ji, Ahn Ji-hye-III, Han Yoo-kyung,...

1. "An Usual Unusual Day" (술과 족발과 케이크, sul-gwa jok-bal-gwa ke-i-keu) by Kim Young-I
New students from the Department of Theater and Film are gathering in the dormitory and having fun. While drinking alcohol and being noisy, Yu-mi, Ye-ri, Soo-jeong, and Seol secretly move to hold a surprise birthday party for Eun-chae. Then someone knocks on the door. For the unexpected guests, the birthday party plans flow through an unexpected direction.

2. "Hotel Future" (미래장, mi-rae-jang) by Choi Young-joo-I
Hyeon-jae (Present) lost his way while traveling and visited Hotel Future where he met a guest named Jason. In Hotel Future where memories are sold instead of money, Hyeon-jae sells his memories that he wanted to erase. As Hyeon-jae sells his memories one by one, he senses something weird from the people working at Hotel Future. He tries to run away.

3. "Dasoni" (다소니, da-so-ni)
Seol, who graduated from the Department of Fashion Design started working here and there after graduating. Then, she worked for her aunt who works in fashion in the United States for a year. A day before leaving the country, she fixed her luggage with her boyfriend Ki-woo who she haven't met for seven years.

4. "Christmas Present" (크리스마스 선물, keu-ri-seu-ma-seu seon-mul)
His celebrity girlfriend who received malicious comments commits suicide, and after trying various ways to get her back, he finally found a way to try and live happily again.

Release date in Korea : 2021/10/13