[Video] Trailer Released for the Upcoming Re-release of the Korean Movie "Does the Cuckoo Sing at Night"

Trailer released for the upcoming re-release of the Korean movie "Shall Cuckoo Sing at Night"

"Shall Cuckoo Sing at Night" (1980)

Directed by Jung Jin-woo

With Jeong Yun-hui, Lee Dae-geun, Yoon Yang-ha, Choi Bong, Kim Sin-jae, Choi Joon,...

Original release date : 1981/03/01
Sooni is the daughter of a strolling male entertainer. After her mother left her, Sooni was raised by Dori's mother and is engaged to Dori. But Dori's friend Chil-sung also has crush on her. One day, Dori wins the wrestling game at the marketplace and earns money as reward. With that money, he buys Sooni a jade ring. However, an air of misfortune begins as Mr. Kim, who is a forest keeper, locks up Dori who makes a living by making and selling charcoal in violation of forest regulation and tries to rape Sooni. Fortunately, Chil-sung, who came to look after Sooni, witnesses the scene and Sooni runs away with Chil-sung. But on her way, she is reminded of Dori and returns to the shed and waits for him. Mr. Kim returns and tries to rape her again. Sooni holds on to Mr. Kim who took away her happiness when the fire breaks out in the shed and the two burn to death together. Dori finally returns from the jail and finds Sooni's jade ring in the ashes.

Release date in Korea : 2021/05/12