What Makes K-Dramas So Exciting for Students?

Besides attaining the academic qualifications required to land a dream job, why do many students become excited upon receiving a college admission letter? Considering that you'll most likely relocate to a new city or country to pursue your undergraduate or postgraduate studies, your exposure to new settings, ways of living, and fun activities would be inevitable. For example, you can take advantage of your college life to explore hobbies, such as traveling, watching, dancing, and hiking, among othersd. As you explore your interests, you'll begin preferring specific niches to others. For example, if you love watching indoors, you might find Korean Dramas (K-Dramas) enticing and matching or exceeding your expectations.


Thanks to the current era of globalization, you can access any content, for example, K-Dramas online. However, as you continue with this action of watching repeatedly and over time, it will develop into a behavior, as illustrated in the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. As a consequence, you'll find yourself watching at least several episodes of K-Dramas before sleeping. Unless you ask a specialist to "Do my essay for me", you'll miss deadlines or deliver substandard assignments and/or homework for grading because of having inadequate time for researching. However, if you opt to use online services, you can get custom materials, which you can use as a sample or source of inspiration to complete your classwork and takeaway tasks within no time, even after watching your K-Drama. But what makes this series genre interesting to students regardless of their geographical locations?

4 "Pull" factors to watching K-Dramas

1. Easy to relate

Although a complicated storyline can attract different audiences, it might not be all what students in college expect. It's for this reason that the production team of "Reply 1988", a K-Drama series, not only offered an enjoyable plot but also touched on themes of economic struggles, pressures in school, and friendship. When you watch this film, you'll "sail" into nostalgic moments to the extent of feeling like you're living in the late 1980s. What's more, you'll appreciate the significance of perseverance, hard work, and friendship as you watch the daily interactions of five friends and their families in Ssangmun-dong, Dobong District. The knowledge gained from "Reply 1988" will motivate you to keep the momentum on with your studies regardless of extrinsic and intrinsic distractions.

2. Traditional-modern blend sense of fashion and style

While students pursue their studies, they often look for side hustles to supplement their budgets. Many young women often venture into modeling. For that reason, they tend to watch K-Dramas to get inspiration in fashion. In many cases, these series expand students' views of clothing styles while enjoying entrancing plots. Notable examples of actors with stunning wardrobe choices and stylish realm of haute couture that attracted the attention of most college audiences include "She Was Pretty" with Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum, featuring as Ji  Seong-joon and Kim  Hye-jin, respectively. If you watch their K-Drama, you'll not only enjoy the love storyline but also appreciate how these individuals' outfits match specific occasions and settings from their childhood to adulthood.

3. Unconventional cinematography in movie world

Even with its well-developed storyline integrating unexpected twists and suspense, a film should be visually delightful and exciting. For example, "The Sound of Magic" makes you wonder whether magic is real or fictional. In this musical K-Drama, a magician helps Na Il-deung and Yoon Ah-yi, high school students, manage their struggles. When you watch this series, you'll appreciate how the director incorporates specific color palettes to depict characters' life. For instance, a light brown tone depicts Ah-yi's bad luck throughout her life, whereas a cold blue sets the mood for Il-deung's misfortunate. Emmy-winner Lee Hyung-deok also applied astonishing cinematography in "Squid Game", whereby players wore different color attires in different light contrasts. This visual technique explains why this K-Drama was a hit worldwide.

4. Unending twists in every plotline

Regardless of a movie genre, would you remain glued to one with a predictable ending? If you're a college student planning to spend the entire weekend indoors, you want to engage in a leisure activity that won't make you bored. One of the options concerns watching K-Dramas because of their twisted plotlines. "My Name" (2021) is an example of an action K-Drama, with Han So-hee (Yoon  Ji-woo) as the lead actor, with unpredictable unfolding of events and endings. Despite her being helpless, Ji-woo gets a chance to control a criminal organization and spy for the police force. The execution at the end makes the storyline even better than anticipated.  

Whether you're a fan of K-Dramas or not, you can't refute that this series fits the specific expectations and preferences of many students in college. For example, it will suit those who don't like to waste time, love plot twists, and appreciate artistic elements. Considering that you will likely find K-Dramas addictive, you should consider incorporating online writing services into your academic plan to manage your time in college consciously.