Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin are getting married in December

Actor and actress Yoo Ji-tae and Kim Hyo-jin are getting married.

The two met through an advertisement in 2003 and started dating in 2007. Being the official couple for 5 years, they are now getting married.

According to close people, they have decided to wed on December 2nd.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ji-tae's video from MBC TV program "Mureuppak Dosa" is becoming an issue anew.

When he was asked about marriage he had said, "We don't look to far ahead. I am currently living with my mother so we want to prepare well without causing discomfort to each other".

"We want 2 children. Being a good father who can teach about love is my final dream. I love you Hyo-jin".

At news of their marriage, netizen's are saying, "Congratulations", "I knew you were going to get married", "I am not a fan but you look good together", "I hope you have a happy life" and more.