Eugene and Ki Tae-young kiss under the sunset

Eugene and Ki Tae-young shared a sweet kiss under the sun set.


Story On's "Super Couple Diary" revealed a Europe vacation picture of Eugene and Ki Tae-young on the 17th of April. The kissing picture of the two at an outdoor cafe leaves a strong impression of a scene from a movie.

Following this are pictures of Eugene and Ki Tae-young taking pictures of each other with love in their eyes and in each others arms.

This vacation wasn't simply a vacation but an experience for the couple in doing what they wanted to do so much. The coffee road trip that started from Italy to France widened their knowledge and interest in coffee.

Being the first couple in "Super Couple Diary", Eugene and Ki Tae-young will reveal the happy daily life of their trip and honeymoon. To be aired on the 19th of April.