Yoo Seung-ho and Hyeri Confirmed for "When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon"

"When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon" announced on the 3rd that the leading cast will be played by actors Yoo Seung-ho and Hyeri.

"When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon" is about human love against the backdrop of the most powerful alcohol prohibition period in the Joseon. The drama is about three people who can end each other's lives fatefully encountering in front of a secret liquor warehouse.

Yoo Seung-ho plays Nam-yeong, an outstanding inspector of the Ministry of Patriots and Constitutional Affairs, who goes to Hanyang for the sake of rising to fame. Yoo Seung-ho appears in a sageuk drama for the first time in 4 years since "Ruler: Master of the Mask".

In the era of prohibition, Hyeri transforms into a poor aristocrat's daughter named Kang Ro-seo who starts making drinks to pay off her debts. Unlike her noble appearance, she is a character who doesn't mind trying hard when it comes to money.

The drama was directed by Hwang In-hyeok, who produced "Doctor Prisoner", "The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop" and "Assembly".

Meanwhile, "When Flowers Bloom, I Think of the Moon" will begin filming for the first time this month and air in the second half of this year.

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