Yoon Sang-hyun gets married? "If I had someone right now"

Actor Yoon Sang-hyun talked about marriage.


When he was asked if it was time for him to get married, he said, "My work and marriage are 50/50".

He told the story of rising to fame with the MBC drama "My Wife is a Superwoman" when his father was in the ICU and his family going through a hard time. He said, "My parents were grateful and spoke about marriage but now they don't because they might stress me out. I know I should hurry since they age with every year and I can see that but I do think about getting married and making children and going on a trip with my family and parents. If 20~30% of my mind was on marriage before, now it's 50/50".

About his ideal type, he said, "I would like a healthy woman. Friends of mine complain that marriage is tough but I am jealous. If I had someone right now I would get married right away".

"Tone-Deaf Clinic" is about a student who feels she doesn't appeal to her crush because of her bad talent and signs up for classes where she creates romance with the instructor. It is directed by Kim Jin-young who successfully made the comedy "Clash of the Families". The role of Sin Hong the instructor is played by Yoon Sang-hyun and Park Ha-sun takes on Dong-joo.