Han Ji-min Shows Off Snack Truck Present

Han Ji-min expressed her gratitude for Choo Ja-hyun's snack truck present.


Actress Han Ji-min showed off the snack truck on her Instagram that Choo Ja-hyun sent her and captioned, "Thanks, sis".

Han Ji-min poses like a model in the pictures and looks pure and lovely.

Meanwhile, Han Ji-min acquired great love in the JTBC drama "Behind your Touch". She then chose "Between Greetings" as her next work. "Between Greetings" is a full-fledged care romance between Kang Ji-yoon (Han Ji-min), CEO of a headhunter company, and Yoo Eun-ho (Lee Joon-hyuk), a single dad secretary who is good at parenting, living, and working.