Kim Yun-jee, Pregnant In A Swimsuit

Actress Kim Yun-jee showed off her surprising body.


She posted a small video on her Instagram saying, "Babymoon" and hashtagged that she is in her 31st week of pregnancy.

She's wearing a swimsuit or a tank top with leggings in the video. Although she is pregnant, she is still slim-looking.

Meanwhile, Kim Yun-jee debuted in 2009 as NS Yoon-G in the music scene. She built her acting career in dramas such as "The Last Empress" (2018~ 2019). She also starred in the Netflix American movie "Lift" that came out this January.

Kim Yun-jee married a businessman named Choi Woo-seong who is 5 years older than her in 2021. She revealed that she was pregnant last month. Choi Woo-seong is the son of comedian Lee Sang-hae and Korean Classical musician Kim Young-im.