"Narco-Saints" Kim Yewon Cast for "Wedding Impossible"

Agency End Marq said on the 22nd, "Kim Yewon was cast as Ahn Se-jin in tvN's new Monday-Tuesday drama "Wedding Impossible"".


"Wedding Impossible" is a drama about a close romantic mission between Na Ah-jeong (Jeon Jong-seo), an unknown actress who decides to marry her male friend in disguise, and Lee Ji-han (Moon Sang-min), the brother-in-law who opposes the marriage.

In the drama, Kim Yewon plays the role of Ahn Se-jin, the wife of Choi Min-woong (Hong In), who tries to make her husband the successor of LJ Group. Ahn Se-jin, who completed a master's degree in violin at the National Academy of Music in Paris, France, is rich in musical knowledge but lacks basic common sense.

Through this work, Kim Yewon will tactfully portray a charm full of cuteness that cannot be hated.

Attention is focusing on what kind of new look Kim Yewon will show through "Wedding Impossible" after previously having played the role of Jeon Yo-hwan's (Hwang Jung-min) lover in the Netflix original series "Narco-Saints" after overcoming a competition ratio of 500 to 1.

Meanwhile, "Wedding Impossible" will premiere at 8:50 PM on the 26th following "Marry My Husband".