Park Hae-jin, "'Cheese In The Trap', not about one person"

Park Hae-jin's post on the WM Company's official Instagram has fans talking about it.


WM Company posted something on Instagram saying, "A set is where everyone has to be noble. It's not a drama for just one person". It seems to be talking about the drama set but some fans speculate whether or not the post is talking about "Cheese in the Trap". 'One person' means that unlike the original, the drama characters are becoming vague.

Park Hae-jin stars in "Cheese in the Trap" as Yoo Jeong who is perfect. He has a perfect family, he is good looking and is smart. However, he is a mysterious character. The web-toon portrayed him as multiple layered character but not the drama.

What the post on Instagram means can't be known for sure. However, it seems related to the criticism that the production hasn't been too kind to the character of Yoo Jeong. Web-toon fans have complained that it's hard to understand Yoo Jeong. It also seems like the focus on the main character has shrunk even more after the drama developed into a three-way romance.

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