[Photos] Added new poster for the Korean movie 'STOP'

Added new poster for the upcoming Korean movie "STOP" (2015)


Directed by Kim Ki-duk

With Tsubasa Nakae, Natsuko Hori, Hiromitsu Takeda,...

Following the Fukushima nuclear incident, a young couple moves to Tokyo where they realize that the wife is pregnant. She wants to have an abortion, worried the baby might have been affected by radioactive contamination and concerned it might be deformed or disabled. But the husband wants her to keep it. He persuades her that Fukushima is very different from the Chernobyl disaster, but she is still not convinced, so he visits his house in Fukushima himself, to find proof that the radioactive contamination is not so serious. However, he witnesses something quite unexpected while he is there. Can the couple truly escape the effects of the Fukushima nuclear incident? Director Kim Ki-duk made this film almost completely independently. He cast Japanese actors but shot the film as if he were a guerrilla filmmaker, without a normal crew to help as such. Like his previous film, One on One, the provocative elements of the film demand attention, and he doesn't hesitate to insist on the radical notion that to avoid nuclear accidents, we should stop using electricity. (NAM Dong-chul)

20th Busan International Film Festival (2015)
Panorama Section

Release date in Korea : 2016/12/08