[Spoiler] "City Hunter" Lee Min-ho says "Below C is not a woman"

Lee Yoon-seong (Lee Min-ho) suggested living together to Kim Na-na (Park Min-young). To a worrying Kim Na-na, he said, "You're not a woman to me".


On the 6th episode of SBS drama "City Hunter" Lee Yoon-seong suggests to Kim Na-na about living together.

Lee Yoon-seong buys Kim na-na's house to save her. However, she protests to him, "Don't butt into people's lives on your own" and on impulse, he says, "I bought it to live in it".

Kim Na-na packs her stuff and leaves the house. He gets her dog and lives in the house. She stays with her paralyzed father in the hospital. He pities this.

In the end, he suggests living together without paying the rent. She is astonished by his suggestion but then accepts it when he says, "You are not my type. You're a B cup right? I don't look at women below C".

Kim Na-na tells her parents in the picture, "I don't have to pay the rent. I'll just stay this way until things get better for me so don't say anything". Their living together just lit up their love line.