Stars Talking About Their Careers

Stars are struggling with a career break due to marriage and childbirth.


Many stars are worried about career breaks due to marriage and childbirth. Among them, female celebrities are more anxious about career breaks. This is because one's existing image may change after marriage, or one's job may disappear automatically as one's activities are restricted due to childbirth.

Hwang Bo-ra appeared in a video titled "Busy, Busy, A Pregnant Actress's Day" posted on the YouTube channel "Work Talk" on the 11th.

In the video, Hwang Bo-ra said, "Today is the last set of the drama. I'm so tired. I filmed yesterday, too", adding, "I have a shoot tomorrow and the day after tomorrow".

Hwang Bo-ra then said, "My husband asks me to take a good rest, but I don't want to be typical. The most vulnerable thing about actresses is that their career is cut off due to childbirth. Some people debuted at the same time as me but have disappeared completely after childbirth", she said.

Hwang Bo-ra announced her pregnancy after a year of marriage. "It's only been a year since we got married, and God gave us a baby angel", she said. "We bicker and fight because we want to be loved more by each other in our lives, but I never thought there would be more happiness than this. I want to give the baby everything generously ".

Actress Kim Hee-sun appeared on tvN's entertainment show "You Quiz on the Block" last year and confessed her honest feelings about her career break due to marriage and childbirth.

"I took six years off after I got married and gave birth to a baby. At that time, I was a bit discouraged", she said. "I was watching TV while holding my child with a baby bottle, and all the actors who worked with me were doing great works. I felt like I was the only one lagging behind, and I was in a lot of pain by myself thinking, 'What about baby mothers?'" she confessed.

Kim Hee-sun said, "The words 'pretty' is what defined me but after getting married, and having children, I thought, 'What's left of me?'" she said. "I used to not be prolific before. But I was happiest when I was working. I enjoy the filming site now. What reason would I have to turn down someone who chose me? I felt grateful to feel needed and wanted".

Jiyeon, from the group T-ara and actress, also shared her concerns about career interruption after marriage. Jiyeon said, "I thought that if I get married, of course, my job will disappear to some extent in our profession", but added, "But even if I thought about it, it's hard because I'm going through this right now. I also told my husband (Hwang Jae-gyun) that ' I'm very embarrassed, to be honest'".

"I didn't think it would be this much, and it's so futile. It feels like everything I've been doing is covered by marriage", she confessed honestly, causing regret.

Jiyeon married Hwang Jae-gyun, a baseball player from KT WIZ, at the Shilla Hotel in Seoul in December 2022, and the two have been revealing their honeymoon and daily lives through social media. Jiyeon will appear in the movie "Wannabe" which is scheduled to be released in March.

Actress Song Yoon-ah confessed her honest feelings about her break after giving birth on her YouTube channel. "I thought I would work after 100 days after giving birth to a baby. But there was a five-year break, and even the agency didn't understand".

Then, the MBC drama "Mama - Nothing to Fear". Song said, "When I filmed "Mama - Nothing to Fear", I spent a day and a half to two days outside, so it was really hard to take care of myself and work at the same time. So I had a hard time deciding on a drama again".

Song married actor Sol Kyung-gu in 2009 and gave birth to a son in 2010. Since then, she has constantly shown herself to the public since 2014 ever since she appeared on MBC's "Mama - Nothing to Fear", "Assembly", "The K2", "Secret Mother", "Graceful Friends", and "Show Window: The Queen's House".

Actress Park Ha-sun went through two hiatus. After a two-year hiatus when she was rumored to be dating Ryu Soo-young, Park Ha-sun returned to the drama "Drinking Alone". However, she had another two-year hiatus when she married Ryu Soo-young in 2017 and gave birth.

In response, Park Ha-sun said, "When I was in my 20s, I didn't know that I was grateful and somehow I kept working", adding, "After the hiatus, work itself became important, so I went to film documentaries and had a signing event at a ceramic event. When there are good times, bad things come, and when bad things come, they get better again".

During her hiatus, Park Ha-sun said she endured by thinking, "I'm doing the most noble thing in the world" and "I'm doing a valuable thing". She said, "I wasn't working, but I comforted myself that it was the best thing I've ever done in my life".