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Ji Chang-wook, Seohyun, Kim Jae-wook Unpaid for Reruns

KBS expressed its position on the fact that it is ad odds with actors Seohyun, Kim Jae-wook, Jung Soo-jung, Kang Ha-neul, Ha Ji-won, Ji Chang-wook, and Choi Soo-young because they have not received rerun drama fees.


On the 15th, KBS said, "A media outlet claimed that KBS 'is refusing to pay the actors a rerun fee in the case that foreign production companies produced dramas on their own and KBS purchased only the broadcasting rights of the dramas from these companies and is replaying them. This is the opposite interpretation of the original legislative purpose of the copyright law and a misuse of the law, and the actors are being victimized', but it is not true".

Earlier, a media outlet reported that KBS is not paying actors for reruns of some dramas aired last year. There are a total of four dramas that have not been paid for reruns, including "Jinxed at First", "Crazy Love - 2022", "Curtain Call", and "If You Wish Upon Me" all of which are produced by independent external producers and signed only broadcasting rights contracts with KBS.

KBS said, "KBS's purchase of only broadcasting rights and broadcasting dramas is a new type of broadcasting, and the existing agreement with KBS and the Korea Broadcasting Performance Rights Association (KBPRA) has no payment basis regarding reruns and payment has been suspended", adding, "If such a new type of situation occurs, payment basis plans have traditionally been discussed with KBS and KBPRA. As a result, KBS has been negotiating the above-related negotiations since August last year, but KBPRA has responded lukewarmly to the negotiations and has yet to complete the negotiations".

"If a new type of production called 'broadcasting rights purchase drama' occurs, regardless of the fact that the KBPRA has to make efforts to actively negotiate so that actors can receive re-broadcasting fees, it has been neglected and therefore, actors aren't being paid for reruns".

KBS said, "In the current situation where there is no regulation on the payment of re-broadcasting fees for a new type of broadcasting called 'broadcasting rights purchase drama', KBS cannot arbitrarily pay re-broadcasting fees in defiance of laws and regulations. This is because KBS is a public broadcaster with the main source of public license fees and is obligated to comply with laws and regulations. KBS will actively engage in negotiations with the KBPRA to minimize damage to actors under the current situation".

Finally, KBS said, "We have not yet reached a concrete conclusion on whether to pay the rerun fee for dramas purchased by broadcasting rights, and we ask you to refrain from baseless slander against KBS at a time when negotiations are underway with KBPRA".

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