Kim Dong-wook and Park Ji-hwan's "Seoul Busters" On Disney+

Disney+ has confirmed the release of "Seoul Busters", which will double the appeal of its colorful lineup in 2024.


"Seoul Busters" is a story about the last-ranked homicide team in the country and the best elite homicide team leader meeting and becoming the strongest one team. Director Ahn Jong-yeon, who co-directed the drama "Racket Boys", Lee Young-cheol, who wrote the "High Kick Through The Roof" series, and Lee Kwang-jae, who co-wrote "Potato Star" and "Shut Up and Smash" with Lee Young-cheol, worked together.

On top of that, actors Kim Dong-wook, Park Ji-hwan, Seo Hyun-woo, Park Se-wan and Lee Seung-woo form 'the worst homicide team in the country' to raise expectations.

Kim Dong-wook will play Dong-bang Yoo-bin, the rookie team chief who was appointed to homicide team 2 of the Songwon Police Station, which has the disgraceful title of being the last in the nation's arrest record, to make a pleasant acting transformation. He is a super-elite police officer who lacks everything from a brilliant brain, handsome appearance, excellent athleticism, and extreme academic background, but he has a behavioral pattern and a sense of humor that are as elusive as his brilliant reasoning skills.

Park Ji-hwan joins as a veteran detective in Songwon Police Station named Moo Joong-ryeok. A former national boxing team member, Park Ji-hwan is expected to perform a detective whose appearance is like a bandit but whose fatal charm is indescribable.

Seo Hyun-woo plays Jeong Jeong-hwan, a lifestyle detective in the homicide team 2 of the Songwon Police Station. He once served in the firing squad and dreamed of becoming a multiple Olympic champion, but now he risks his life to get promoted to support his wife and four children.

Park Se-wan will play Seo Min-seo, a powerful figure in Songwon Police Station's homicide team 2. Unlike his handsome appearance, Park ranks first on the team with his outspoken honesty and easy-goingness.

Finally, rookie Lee Seung-woo-I plays Jang Tan-sik, the youngest member of Songwon Police homicide team 2.

"Seoul Busters" is expected to be released worldwide on Disney+ in September 2024.