SBS Drama Awards 2013 Nominees

SBS Drama Awards 2013 Nominees for 2013/12/31 ceremonies presented by Lee Hwi-jae, Lee Bo-young and Kim Woo-bin.


The ceremony will be available live on SBS Youtube's channel

Best Couple

Kang So-ra & Lim Ju-hwan for "Ugly Alert"
Hwang Jung-eum & Kang Ji-hwan for "Incarnation of Money"
Kim Yoo-ri & Seo In-guk for "Master's Sun"
Gong Hyo-jin & So Ji-sub for "Master's Sun"
Soo Ae & kwon Sang-woo for "Yawang"
Lee Bo-young & Lee Jong-suk for "I Hear Your Voice"
Song Hye-kyo & Jo In-sung for "That Winter, the Wind Blows"
Jang Shin-young & Go Soo for "Empire of Gold"
Kim Tae-hee & Yoo Ah-in for "Jang Ok-jeong"
Park Shin-hye & Lee Min-ho for "The Heirs"


Best Actor

Best actor nominees : Kim Woo-bin, Nam Sang-mi, Park Shin-hye, So Ji-sub, Song Hye-kyo, Lee Min-ho, Lee Bo-young, Lee Yo-won, Lee Jong-suk, Jo In-sung


Best Drama

Best drama nominees : "Yawang", "Jang Ok-jeong", "Empire of Gold", "Suspicious Housekeeper", "Kind Words", "Cheongdam-dong Alice", "Incarnation of Money", "The Secret of Birth", "The Great Seer", "That Winter, the Wind Blows", "All About My Romance", "I Hear Your Voice", "Master's Sun", "The Heirs", "I Like You", "Your Woman", "The Women's Room", "The Birth of a Family - Drama", "Ugly Alert", "My Love, Butterfly Lady", "Wonderful Mama", "Passionate Love", "Goddess of Marriage", "She Gets Married Thrice", "Case Number 113", "Stranger"

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