[Upcoming DVD Releases] Korean Movies "Home" and "Wretches"

Korean movies "Home" and "Wretches" are available to preorder on DVD with English subtitles from YESASIA.

DVD with English subtitles


"Home" (2017)

Directed by Kim Jong-woo

With Lee Hyo-je, Heo Joon-seok, Im Tae-poong, Kim Ha-na, Kang Yeon-jeong, Yang Dae-hyuk,...

Happiness drops from the skies!
A 14-year-old boy starts a project to make a family!

Joon-ho is part of a family made up of Sung-ho, Sung-ho's father Won-jae, and Won-jae's daughter Ji-young. They are so happy everyday thanks to Won-jae who thinks of Joon-ho like a son and his siblings who treat him like a real brother. Joon-ho says, "I want to be with you forever" and his siblings smile and say, "We are". Will Joon-ho get his wish of a new family?

Release date in Korea : 2018/05/30

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DVD with English subtitles

"Wretches" (2016)

Directed by Kim Baek-joon

With Lee Won-geun, Lee Yi-kyung, Park Gyu-young, Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Sung-kyun, Kim Ho-jung,...

A girl does anything to get whatever she wants. A little boy becomes her target and there's another girl who stands by her. The movie is about the tragedy of power and violence of some teenagers who are at the best ages of their lives.

Release date in Korea : 2018/03/08

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