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The Woman Who Still Wants To Marry (아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자)

아직도 결혼하고 싶은 여자 (A-jik-do Kyeol-hon-ha-go Sip-eun Yeo-ja)

Directed by Kim Min-sik (김민식)

Screenplay by


MBC | Airing dates :

16 episodes - Wed, Thu 22:00
She has returned!
Lee Shin-young couldn't wait to get married when she was 32. But she's still single at the age of 36!
She hasn't found a soul mate yet nor has she found success in her career. Her unforgiving personality is worse than ever.
Now she's about to learn some hard lessons about life at the age of 36!


Lee Shin-young (age: 36) actress Park Jin-hee (A woman who can't wait to get married)
She's a media journalist. She's single and doesn't have a boyfriend but she keeps a positive outlook on life. As a senior journalist, she's on the top of the list of people to be fired in the next round of layoffs and so she's under a lot of pressure at work. She was on the verge of marrying her last boyfriend but that relationship abruptly ended. She later meets a cute doctor but things fall apart before she can even go out on a date with him. Just when she thinks that her marriage prospects are over, she meets a young guy who is 12 years her junior. They promptly fall passionately in love.

Jung Da-jung (age: 36) actor Eom Ji-won (A woman looking for the perfect man)
She's an interpreter. She's got it all beauty and intelligence. She is seeking a handsome guy with a high-paying job. Her goal is to get married within a year and she's looking around for a handsome, tall guy who has a salary in the six figures. She finds a doctor who fits the bill and they get married. But things don't turn out the way she expects them to.

Kim Bu-gi (age: 36) actress Wang Bit-na (An attractive single woman who?s past her prime)
Her occupation is a restaurant consultant. She provides consulting services to trendy restaurants that target female patrons. She broke off her engagement with her fiancé whom she dated for 10 years and because of that, people think she's a mean chick. So she decides to use the money she saved up for her wedding dowry to finance her overseas studies at a Swiss hotel management school. After she gets her degree, she becomes a highly-sought restaurant consultant. Then one day, a baby is abandoned at her doorsteps...

Yoon Sang-woo (age: 36) actor Lee Pil-mo (last romanticist)
He's a junior airline pilot and Shin-young former fiancé. As a romantic guy with a charming personality, he also enjoys sports. Although he still loves Shin-young, she's currently dating a guy who is 12 years her junior. He tries to rekindle his relationship with Shin-young to no avail. Then one day, he meets his female landlord who is married and 8 years his senior and they have a torrid affair. She also turns out to be the mother of Shin-young's current boyfriend.

Ha Min-jae (age: 24) actor Kim Beom (Homme fatal)
He's a talented musician who is enrolled at an elite university where he is a business major. He's a typical bad boy. He also gives dating tips to Ban-seok. When Ban-seok is spurned by Shin-young after using the dating tactics taught to him Min-jae, Min-jae takes things into his own hands and bets that he can make her his girlfriend. After wooing Shin-young with his smooth skills, he gradually develops intense feelings for her and confesses his love.

"How many more relationships are in store for us?"
Single at the age of 36, Shin-young receives a romantic wedding proposal from a man one day. Later in the evening, she is called to cover a fire at a hotel and she witnesses the very man that proposed to her escaping from the hotel with another woman. She goes to a jeweler to have the ring she received appraised. It turns out to be an authentic diamond ring. On her way to confront the suitor and question his motives for wanting to marry her, she bumps into Da-jung, an attractive interpreter, who was just dumped by her boyfriend. She is soaking wet after someone threw a pail of water over her. Shin-young meets Da-jung again at their high school reunion. They both have successful careers but they are single and lonely. After getting drunk, Da-jung heads back home but collapses on a sticky road that is under construction. Da-jung wakes up the next day flat on her back. Shin-young comes to rescue her after the cops see her. They become fast friends since they share the same plight.
The attractive Da-jung is unable to go home for a while after her morning incident because a neighbor witnessed it and spread the story. Shin-young and Bu-gi look at apartments to rent but Bu-gi can't move until she finds a new tenant so she moves in with Shin-young temporarily.
"What did I do to deserve this?"
Shin-young is removed from the business news desk and transferred to the news planning team. One day, she gets a wedding invitation from her ex-boyfriend, Sang-woo. She also goes on a few blind dates but gets utterly disappointed with the men she meets. After losing her confidence due to a string of unlucky events, Shin-young decides that marriage is not in the cards for her and focuses on her career. After spending many late nights at work, she wakes up the next morning with partial paralysis to her face just when she has an important interview. Shin-young wails in despair. What did she do to deserve this? The heavens aren't helping her to find Mr. Right and now it's destroying her career.
Due to her partial paralysis, Shin-young can't speak properly but fortunately she's interviewing a foreigner and Da-jung is at her side to interpret for her.
Shin-young takes sick leave and goes to an Oriental Medicine Clinic to treat her ailment. Her friends also take good care of her and Shin-young's paralysis soon abates and she can talk properly again. This brightens Shin-young's mood as well. Their friendship also becomes stronger.
"She didn't come to my wedding"
Sang-woo is lonely. He didn't know what he had until he lost it. After coldly rejecting Shin-young, he plans to marry a woman who has everything he wants in a wife but he calls it off when he feels that he's not ready to make a commitment. Though the wedding was cancelled, he intentionally sends a wedding invitation to Shin-young so that she'd come to the wedding hall and find it empty. He would be waiting there and rush towards her, confessing his love and asking her to forgive him for what he did in the past. However, Shin-young never shows up.
Sang-woo goes to meet Shin-young but she refuses to meet him. Sang-woo decides to give her some time to sort things out.
Da-jung vows to get married within the year after finding a man that meets her standards. She seeks a famous fortuneteller and he dazzles her with his tidbits of personal information that he knows about her. He then proposes that she spend a couple of thousand dollars on a special exorcism that will help her nab the guy of her dreams. Da-jung persuades her friends, who vehemently oppose the whole idea, to help her perform the exorcism. She tells Shin-young to approach the exorcism as if it were a story she would cover for news story. And to Bu-gi, she asks her to protect them if things go awry. The fortuneteller/shaman begins the exorcism and the friends just don't have any confidence in him. Shin-young and Bu-gi keep getting fussy throughout the exorcism. Shin-young points out that the shaman mumbles his speech and isn't talking intelligibly.
Bu-gi demands that the shaman show his business permit after criticizing the crude shaman music with erratic beats. The shaman orders the two critical women to endure 36 lashings from a twig because he can't get into his rhythm to perform the exorcism correctly. Shin-young and Bu-gi refuse but the shaman comes after them when they are off guard and thrashes them with a twig. Just then, the undercover reporters of a rival news program reveal themselves after filming the entire episode that just went on.
"Fate requires good timing. A damn box of chocolate gets in the way of two people "
Ban-seok is a good-looking Oriental medicine doctor who works at the top Oriental Medicine Clinic in Korea. He despises materialistic women and takes dating advice from Min-jae whom he once tutored. After counseling Min-jae who was going through a rebellious period in his teens, he helps him get into Seoul National University and takes pride that he mentored him into a fine young man.
With Min-jae coaching him on how to act on a date, Ban-seok goes on several blind dates but none of them turn out well. He becomes attracted to Shin-young, who is one of his patients.
Ban-seok buys a box of chocolates for Shin-young on a business trip to London where he'll give a talk at a seminar on the Globalization of Oriental Medicine. It's his first time to ever buy a gift for a girl and so he calls Shin-young and asks her out on a dinner date when he returns. But Shin-young has a story to cover at that hour so she suggests that they just meet at the airport instead. He tells her that he bought a gift back from London. Despite her busy schedule, Shin-young drives to the airport with high expectations. Upon arriving at the airport, Ban-seok shyly gives the box of chocolates to Shin-young and she drives him home. She never calls back.
Shin-young opens the box of chocolates together with Bu-gi and Da-jung.
The friends decide to eat all the chocolates because they think there might be a ring hidden in one of them. They don't find a ring and they notice that the chocolates only cost $10. Shin-young's friends fume that Ban-seok tricked Shin-young into driving him home so that he could save money on a taxi fare by offering her a cheap gift. They find it repulsive that a man would ask a girl to pick him up and drive him home and only hand her a box of chocolate in return. Although they give Ban-seok the benefit of the doubt that perhaps he didn't seek a free ride home, they still find the gift to be cheap and distasteful. Shin-young already went through too many disappointing blind dates to give Ban-seok a second chance.
Ban-seok anxiously waits for a call from Shin-young but gets disappointed when she never calls him back. It was the first time he ever bought a gift for a girl while on a business trip... Min-jae berates Ban-seok for not asking him for advice on what to buy for the girl. He points out that an appropriate gift would have been a luxury brand purse instead of chocolate... Ban-seok rejects that idea and becomes disillusioned about how materialistic people have become. "After listening to your advice, all of my dates have never led to anything. I don't trust your judgment any more, kid," says Ban-seok. Min-jae gets worked up when he hears this and proposes that he'll make Shin-young his girlfriend. And if he succeeds, despite the fact that she's 12 years older than him, then Ban-seok owes him a favor.
"A dangerous bet over a lonely woman "
Min-jae and Shin-young met on campus and they don't have a good impression of each other. Shin-young snipped Min-jae's guitar strings when his music was interrupting her interview. When she taught a class as a special lecturer as a favor to her friend who couldn't make it, she meets Min-jae again in the classroom. They act hostile towards each other. Min-jae tells Shin-young about an experience he had while trying to buy a used camera on the Internet and suggests it as a story that Shin-young could cover. Min-jae's information allows Shin-young to uncover a scam ring and she also tracks down the diamond ring she was given.
Min-jae gradually develops feelings for Shin-young as he watches her passionately teach the class and finds her slight moments of awkwardness charming. What started out as a bet with Ban-seok to make Shin-young his girlfriend turns into something more serious as he finds her attractive and this weighs down on Min-jae's conscience. He wishes that the three-week course that Shin-young is teaching will never end.
Da-jung and Bu-gi quarrel constantly and Bu-gi concludes that the problem lies with Da-jung's inability to find a boyfriend. While working as an interpreter, Da-jung goes on blind dates and even gets a proposition from a matchmaker to hand in a certificate that she never had an abortion. She tries to promote herself by granting interviews and also appearing in a TV commercial but she finds out that the company behind the commercial is a sham. With Shin-young's help, she's able to extricate herself from any association with the company. And Da-jung still doesn't have a boyfriend.
Bu-gi is busy with her consulting business as her client is about to open a restaurant soon. She markets the restaurant to housewives, promotes it at classical music concerts and even invites celebrities, which impresses her clients. She joins a celebrity fan club to use the influence of stars. She turns out to be the oldest member in the fan club. Her life is much more carefree and fun than her friend's lives.
"Your husband is infatuated with me "
Bu-gi goes to meet one housewife. She tells her that her husband likes her and pretends that he's single as he flirts with other women. But the housewife, Sang-mi, listens calmly without an air of anxiety or concern. Sang-mi asks Bu-gi why she came to tell her this. Bu-gi says that she found it sad when she discovered that her husband's shirts were well-pressed when it couldn't be so if he were single. Bu-gi advises her not to trust her husband. Sang-mi's friends get angry at Bu-gi and they gang up on her in a parking lot. Bu-gi and Sang-mi meet again at a restaurant's Chef's Special program where Bu-gi is the organizer and Sang-mi is a participant. They get along even though they shouldn't in light of their circumstances. Bu-gi introduces Sang-mi to a ballet studio that she and her friends go to. Sang-mi becomes fast friends with Shin-young and Da-jung. Although she is married with a son, she is lonelier than the three single women.
"Let me be your last and only boyfriend "
When Shin-young's special lecture ends, Min-jae applies for a job to host a show that Shin-young is producing. He comes up with some bright ideas that help Shin-young. Shin-young gains recognition at work and though she finds herself attracted to Min-jae, she dismisses the notion of dating him.
Shin-young learns that Min-jae is a famous songwriter in the Indie band scene when she's invited to a concert by Min-jae that is being held near Hongdae campus. Shin-young hangs out with Min-jae and relives her college day years briefly. After the concert is over, she and Min-jae head to an underpass to avoid getting wet in the rain. Min-jae plants a kiss on Shin-young's lips. Shin-young is both delirious and fearful of what will happen next in their relationship.
Bu-gi sets up a blind date for Da-jung but Da-jung isn't happy with any of the men she meets. When Da-jung gets mad at Bu-gi for introducing her to men that don't meet her standards, Bu-gi retorts back that the problem with her is that she's 36 years old, has high standards because of damn high-paying job, possesses an eldest daughter complex, and has little savings, while her family is not reputable in comparison to other well-to-do families. She advises Da-jung to get a reality check. Then she reads a text message she got from Da-jung's blind date, saying that he's mad that Bu-gi introduced someone like Da-jung to himself. The two friends promptly get into a heated argument.
In a depressed mood, Da-jung goes on an interpreting assignment for a seminar on the Globalization of Oriental medicine where she meets Oriental medicine doctor Ban-seok. Ban-seok is charmed by the interpreter's voice and decides to meet the woman behind the voice. When he sees Da-jung, he falls in love with her at first sight and their relationship heats up quickly. Da-jung doesn't tell any of her friends that she's dating someone. She's going to tell them after she's sure he's the one. (Because Da-jung later finds out that Shin-young went out on a blind date with Ban-seok)
Da-jung is in love with everything about the doctor. He has a touch of innocence and has a highly professional job. He's the second eldest son and not the eldest, which is another plus, and his salary is in the six figures. On top of that, he doesn't care that she's 36, which is pretty old for a single gal. She meets Ban-seok's parents and their wedding date is all set. Even when Da-jung later learns that Ban-seok went out on a blind date with Shin-young once, it doesn't deter her at all. However, Ban-seok finds it uncomfortable that Shin-young and Da-jung are friends. Just in case, Da-jung tells Ban-seok that Shin-young is dating a younger man who is 12 years her junior. When Ban-seok hears this he remembers the bet that Min-jae made. "So the kid is still engrossed with that bet," he thinks.
Ban-seok visits Min-jae's studio. He asks Min-jae what kind of favor he wants from him since he won the bet. Ban-seok tells Min-jae to cut it out and stop playing with Shin-young's heart. With a tinge of jealously, Min-jae asks him if he's still in love with her. Shin-young overhears their conversation and her heart is broken. She is embarrassed that she was swept off her feet by a guy who is much younger than herself.
Min-jae runs after Shin-young when he realizes that she overheard what he said.
Shin-young says, "I think I lost my touch after being single for so long. I thought you loved me. Well... Anyhow... It was good while it lasted. "
Min-jae embraces Shin-young and says that he made the bet because he was attracted to her. That was the sole reason and nothing else. And now he loves her... After Min-jae makes his confession, Shin-young still doesn't want to see him again. Min-jae tries to win back Shin-young's heart in numerous ways.
Shin-young thinks it's for the best. There's nothing good that will come out of dating a younger guy. She takes the whole experience as another lesson in life and gives Min-jae some hard advice. She reminds him that there's no future with a young kid like him in her life. This enrages Min-jae who shouts, "The reason why you're still single is because you're a coward who only calculates the pros and cons of a relationship. How long are you gonna keep living like that?! "
"Time to return to former lovers "
Sang-woo reappears in Shin-young's life. He sends her flowers and gifts and when he doesn't get a response from Shin-young, he meets her to tell her that she's the one. He also tells her that his wedding was called off but despite that, he sent her a wedding invitation so that she could see firsthand that he never got married. So now he's in front of her because he's tired of waiting. He pleads with her to give him another chance and also forgive him.
Shin-young tells Min-jae that she's going to start dating her old boyfriend again and says their relationship is over.
Then she meet Sang-woo and reveals that she can't be more than friends with him. Sang-woo assures her that he won't betray her again and insists that he'll win back her heart.
"Being the bridesmaid is sad. My friend's wedding"
Da-jung and Ban-seok set their wedding date. Bu-gi and Shin-young are asking to be the bridesmaid.
The friends are not eager to be bridesmaid but since Da-jung is asking them for a favor, they order bridesmaid dresses. At the wedding dress shop, they see a couple getting measured and the groom is 24 years old while the bride is over 40 and they look unseemly to the friends.
"When you wear a wedding dress, it really reveals your age. So you should at least shoot your wedding photos with a guy who you'll think you'll marry ahead of the wedding just in case"
While watching Da-jung prepare for her wedding, Shin-young gets conflicted emotions. Wedding preparations have a way of wearing down the groom and bride. Da-jung and Ban-seok also have arguments as they choose what to buy for the wedding dowry and decide other wedding arrangements. But they survive the process and finally march down the aisle.
Sang-woo suggests that Shin-young go with him to the wedding. He says, "It would be really sad if you had to go without a date when you're a 36-year-old bridesmaid." Min-jae and his friends are hired to sing at the wedding. After Min-jae's band play their song, Min-jae serenades Shin-young with a song of his own.
Shin-young finds herself moved by his heartfelt singing. Sang-woo looks at Min-jae as a potential rival.
'Love triangle 36 yrs – 24 yrs - 36 yrs'
As the host of Shin-young's news program, Min-jae meets Shin-young every week and they start dating again.
Sang-woo is heartbroken that Shin-young is with another guy. Sang-woo meets Ban-seok and Da-jung and asks them to talk some sense into Shin-young. Sang-woo faces Min-jae and tells him to end his puppy love.
In the editing room, Min-jae approaches Shin-young when he finds a single grey hair on her head. Shin-young thinks that Min-jae is leaning towards her to give her a kiss so she's surprised when he pulls out a grey hair from the top of her head instead. A bit irritated, Shin-young says, "Can't you just overlook that?" After seeing that Shin-young is upset, Min-jae comes to work the next day with his hair dyed silver.
"When I turn 40, you'll be 52. But that won't matter. You'll get wrinkles and gray hairs before me but that won't matter either. Just because you're 12 years older than me doesn't mean you'll outlive me," says Min-jae.
Shin-young finds his words to be so special and she wants to believe every word he said. Shin-young goes to Bu-gi's cooking class with Min-jae and Min-jae's mother is one of the participants. Min-jae utters, "Mom? "
Shin-young feels that her relationship with Min-jae has some serious obstacles. His mother is just 8 years older than herself. It would be an awkward mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship if Min-jae were to marry Shin-young. Sang-mi, Min-jae's mom scolds her son and orders him to stop seeing Shin-young. When Min-jae refuses to, she kicks Min-jae out of their second apartment where he lives and finds a new tenant to live there. Sang-mi meets Shin-young and beseeches her to stop seeing her son.
Shin-young and Min-jae break up once again.
"I'll erase your memories... Don't be happy "
Sang-woo has a hard time after Shin-young rejects him. After looking at apartments to rent, he meets a beautiful landlord. She tells him that her son used the apartment and she'll leave the sofa and piano for him to use. She's married and quite older than him. But there's something charming about her.
Sang-mi comes over to fix a leak in the bathroom and after spending the entire day trying to fix it, she falls asleep in one of the rooms. Coming home from work, Sang-woo practices a song as he plays the piano. It's a song that he's going to sing to Shin-young. Hearing the sound of the piano, Sang-mi wakes up from her sleep and her heart skips a beat when she sees Sang-woo singing while playing the piano. Sang-woo and Sang-mi even share the same letter in their names. Both of their names start with the letter "S" and Sang-mi thinks about how nice it would be to wear matching bands that are engraved with the letter "S." Sang-mi catches herself having silly thoughts and it makes her heart grieve.
Sang-mi suggests that Sang-woo take ballet lessons when he complains about having chronic pain in his shoulder. But Sang-woo finds it an absurd idea. But she explains to Sang-woo that quite a few men take ballet lessons and invites him to take a look around the ballet studio. Sang-woo arrives at the ballet studio a little earlier than their appointment and sits in front of the grand piano. Hearing the piano music, Sang-mi appears in leotards and starts dancing. Sang-mi gently moves to the rhythm of the music. It's one of the most special moments in her life. Sang-woo also gets delighted as he watches Sang-mi's reflection in the mirror. He feels that he'll fall in love with her. But how could he?
Shin-young witnesses the two of them looking at each other lovingly...
"Oh, ripe persimmon, you were sour when you were young, too "
Shin-young and Sang-woo meet once again. How could their lives become intertwined like this? Just recently, Sang-woo was confessing his undying love to Shin-young and asking her to take her back. But now he was with another woman. She tells him that everybody is so unpredictable.
Sang-woo gets mad at Shin-young. He accuses her of creating this situation because she wouldn't give him a second chance. Shin-young come right back at Sang-woo. She says that it was Sang-woo who betrayed her in the first place.
Sang-woo and Shin-young promise to end their current relationships because it would be unthinkable to become each other's in-laws if they were to marry their current lovers. After they part ways, they immediately meet up with their lovers.
"I want to have a typical life "
Da-jung is happy that she no longer wakes up in bed all by herself. She had a few arguments before their wedding but now she can look forward to a married life without her in-laws around, enjoy late-night movies at the theater with her husband, take drives at the break of dawn, and go to parties where she can socialize with other married couples... She can finally live a typical life. She feels sympathy for Shin-young who is still single.
But her sister-in-law's kids and underprivileged kids sent by her mother-in-law arrive at their home every weekend. Her mother-in-law is a diligent volunteer worker and she thinks it would be wonderful to have Da-jung teach English to underprivileged children for free. Meanwhile, her sister-in-law's two kids ask her for help with their English homework. Her in-laws also pressure her to have a baby as soon as possible. Marriage is just another stage in life where you have to deal with a whole new set of responsibilities and obligations.
"Bold people should protect the ones they love. Wise people break up lovers "
Sang-mi proceeds with her divorce. Sang-woo is thrilled but also feels uncomfortable. Sang-mi senses Sang-woo's ambivalence and decides that she should let him go. She lies by telling him that she decided to patch things up with her husband. Sang-woo says it's great to hear such news and promptly gets sick. Min-jae seeks out Sang-woo and tells him he's wrong to think that he became more calculating as he got older. Rather, the problem, in his opinion, is that Sang-woo never knew how to love a woman. He then states that Sang-woo doesn't deserve to be with Shin-young or his mother.
Sang-woo says nothing as he stares back at Min-jae.
A song that Min-jae wrote becomes a hit song and he gets swamped with interview requests. He tells the interviewers that he's in love with a woman and she's 12 years older than him. Min-jae's interview appears in numerous web portals and articles speculate about who he is dating. The tabloids latch onto the story and Shin-young gets apprehensive about the attention. She asks Min-jae not to reveal her name but this hurts Min-jae's feelings.
Shin-young gets jealous when she sees Min-jae chat with cute young members of a girl group backstage. It looks like Min-jae fits in with people his own age. It shocks her that she could be jealous of young girls who are 16 years younger than herself. She decides that it's time for her to come to her senses and end her relationship with Min-jae. Dating Sang-woo looks like the best option. She arranges to go on a date with Sang-woo over the weekend.
Sang-woo visits Sang-mi. He tells her to choose him if she was lying about returning to her husband.
He's ready to be her life partner if she still wants him.
Sang-mi reveals that she truly loves Sang-woo but she can't be with him for her son's sake because there could be a possibility that her son might marry Shin-young.
Sang-woo and Shin-young meet on the weekend. The first words that come out of Sang-woo's mouth is that he's looking forward to becoming her stepfather-in-law. Shin-young is dumbfounded since she was going to take this opportunity to ask him to be her boyfriend again.

Episode 1
Shin-young's boyfriend proposes to her and gives her a huge diamond ring one day. But after their date, Shin-young has to return to work to do her night shift. When a fire occurs at a motel, Shin-young goes to cover the story live. But she is shocked to see her boyfriend inside the burning motel with another girl. After doing an excellent job for a client of hers, Bu-gi comes home to find Shin-young miserable over her cheating boyfriend and so she tries her best to comfort her friend. Shin-young decides to confront her boyfriend in the middle of the night and Bu-gi goes with her. When they arrive at Shin-young's boyfriend's apartment, they witness Da-jung in a drunken state and shouting insults towards her ex-boyfriend's apartment suite....

Episode 2
Shin-young's former boyfriend Sang-woo asks Shin-young to meet him because he has something to say to her. Thrilled at the prospect of meeting him, Shin-young goes to see him and he hands her a wedding invitation, telling her to attend his wedding. Shin-young gets furious over Sang-woo's thoughtless action.
A co-worker of Shin-young asks her to fill in a lecture engagement at a college as a substitute lecturer. In the room full of college kids, she meets Min-jae again. Min-jae gives Shin-young a lead on a possible news story. So she covers the story with his help. Then Min-jae asks Shin-young if she would like to go to a concert with him.

Episode 3
After breaking off his engagement with his fiancée resulting in the cancelation of his wedding, Sang-woo decides to meet Shin-young. Sang-woo asks her to forgive him for what he did and suggests that they get back together. But Shin-young flatly refuses and turns him away. Meanwhile, Ban-seok tells Min-jae that he has feelings for one of his patients who has partial paralysis of the face. Min-jae asks him if the patient's name is Shin-young.
Telling her friends Shin-young and Bu-gi that she knows a famous shaman who tells fortunes, Da-jung takes them to her. The shaman tells the group of friends that they need to have an exorcism to rid themselves of bad luck but it will cost them some money. In the middle of the exorcism that they paid for, an undercover TV crew appears and starts taping the shenanigans that are going on at the shaman's house.

Episode 4
On his business trip, Ban-seok buys a gift for Shin-young. Shin-young brings the gift home and her friends naturally think that it must be an expensive gift since Ban-seok can afford it as an Oriental medicine doctor. After Shin-young unwraps the gift and finds a box of chocolates, they're all disappointed.
Min-jae tells Ban-seok that he made a big mistake by giving a box of chocolates as a gift to a girl. Ban-seok retorts back that he'll never ask a girl out on a date again. Min-jae boasts that he'll make Shin-young fall in love with him and makes a bet with Ban-seok he'll succeed.

Episode 5
Shin-young is disappointed when a news story that she prepared is stolen by another reporter. Min-jae makes Shin-young promise that she won't cry over losing a news scoop nor will she let anyone steal her scoop from her again.
Bu-gi learns that the man she is dating has been telling people that he has never been married before, which infuriates her, so she goes to meet his wife. She goes to the man's home and is greeted by Sang-mi. Sang-mi gets upset when she finds out that Bu-gi was seeing her cheating husband but she also feels a kindred spirit in her.

Episode 6
Sang-woo sees Min-jae together with Shin-young. While playing darts with Shin-young, Min-jae wins the game and steals a kiss from her. Sang-woo then approaches Min-jae.
After Shin-young gets sullen and disappointed about her poor performance at work, Min-jae takes her to an ice rink where they get playful and take a tumble while skating...

Episode 7
Shin-young asks Min-jae for a favor to go undercover at a “Kissing parlor” to help her file an investigative piece. Since he likes Shin-young, Min-jae agrees to go undercover at the Kissing parlor and gather information. But the outfit gets suspicious of Min-jae and finds out why he really came. So Min-jae flees the place.

Episode 8
Shin-young tries to believe that Min-jae really loves her but her friends tell her that she's being deceived and advise her to end the relationship. Shin-young then gets cuddly with Sang-woo in front of Min-jae but inside her heart, she is upset about her actions.
While pulling a strand of grey hair from Shin-young's head, Min-jae teases her about her hair getting grey so soon. Seeing how upset Shin-young is over her grey hair, Min-jae dyes his hair completely white.

Episode 9
Da-jung gets shocked after getting a warning from Ban-seok's father. Ban-seok goes to meet Da-jung and tell her that he'll persuade his father to relent and approve of their marriage. Min-jae dyes his hair grey so that he'll look older and about Shin-young's age. Shin-young suggests to Min-jae that they date for just 10 days. Sang-woo gives a gift he bought in France to Sang-mi, who is his new landlord.

Episode 10
Ban-seok bakes a cake for Da-jung on her birthday and proposes marriage to her.
Meanwhile, Sang-woo spies Sang-woo wearing slippers and a slip. He is transfixed and followed her...

Episode 11
Sang-mi wanders into Bu-gi's café, and bumps into Shin-young and Min-jae there. Sang-mi is stunned to see Min-jae with a shock of grey hair and starts berating him about it. She coldly tells him to return home and then leaves. Sang-woo confesses to Sang-mi that he thinks he's falling in love with her.

Episode 12
Ban-seok and Da-jung have their wedding and so Shin-young and Bu-gi stand in as her bridesmaids. After all the wedding guests leave, Min-jae and Shin-young are the only ones left. Shin-young invites Min-jae to her home and Min-jae asks her if he can stay for the night and then kisses her passionately.

Episode 13
Sang-woo suggests to Sang-mi that he'll go with her to meet her son when she breaks the news that she's in love with another man who is Sang-woo. Sang-woo is shocked to learn that Min-jae is Sang-mi's son and decides to turn his back on Sang-mi and pursue Shin-young relentlessly.
Meanwhile, Ban-seok forgot to bring the plane tickets to go on their honeymoon. So Da-jung and Ban-seok have to stay home...

Episode 14
Surprised to see Sang-mi at her door, Shin-young tells Min-jae to hide in Da-jung's room. Sang-mi gets serious with Shin-young and asks her when was the most difficult time in her life.
Meanwhile, Bu-gi and Da-jung are approached by a man who says he'd like them to appear in a TV commercial.

Episode 15
Sang-woo's mother visits Sang-woo and she meets Sang-mi. Sang-woo's mom says that she can't stop her from having a relationship with her son but she won't attend their wedding if they ever think about getting married. Sang-woo tells his mom that he'll make that decision together with Sang-mi.
Meanwhile, Shin-young's colleagues see Min-jae hanging out with his friends, some of which are young women, at a bar. So they take photos of him with the girls and send the picture to Shin-young.

Episode 16
Da-jung finds out that Ban-seok mortgaged the home to offer financial support to Ban-joo. Da-jung is furious that Ban-seok lent such a large amount to his brother without discussing it with her first. She demands that they move but Ban-seok tells her that he'd like to see her get along with his family and live together, which renders Da-jung speechless.
Meanwhile, Shin-young breaks up with Min-jae when he visits her at work. On the day Shin-young leaves on her two-year foreign correspondent assignment, Min-jae gets into a motorcycle accident. Shin-young learns about this while she's on the plane.


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 Ko Dong-seon (고동선)
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Does anyone know where can I download this for free? :D I am having hard time wait for it to be loaded at mysoju. The buffering is so disgusting. :| Please? Thanks! ^.^
2011-10-15 23:10:33
2010-10-07 00:29:29
It's such an interesting drama!!! I like the character of Kim Boo Ki! The dialoques are sharp, and the OSTs are great. Kim Beom's acting is improving a lot. Jin Hee and Kim Beom are cute as a couple. :)
The storyline explores something really different, about women in their 30s searching for love again, and to see what their dilemma is at that point of age..pretty cool
2010-04-23 11:38:48
2010-04-23 11:35:38
I’ve finished watching this series. Funny yet realistic.…plus Kim Bum is enough to keep your eyes on the screen.
i love korean artist
2010-04-21 05:44:09
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