Kang Han-byul to become Kim Joo-hyuk when grown up?

Kang Han-byul (11) has been cast as the younger version of Heo Jun (Kim Joo-hyuk) in the upcoming MBC drama "Guam Heo Jun".


"Guam Heo Jun" is born as a concubine between an officer father and servant mother Son (Go Doo-shim). He has a great dream to become a great officer like his father but his identity fails him. However, he always tries to look bright in front of his mother who puts in a lot of effort to raise him.

Kang Han-byul is well known for his role as the little Lee Seung-gi in the MBC drama "King 2 Hearts" last year.

In the role of Im Mi-hyeon, who spends childhood with Heo Jun will be played by Kim So-yeon. She helps Heo Jun in her childhood days when she meets him in place of exile she followed her father to when he was framed and banished.

"Guam Heo Jun" unfolds Heo Jun's dramatic life and the world of oriental medicine. The cast includes, Park Jin-hee (Ye-jin), Park Eun-bin (Da-hee), Namgoong Min (Yoo Do-ji), Baek Yoon-sik (Yoo Eui-tae), Kim Mi-sook (Oh), Lee Jae-yong-I (Kim Min-se), Choi Jong-hwan (Yang Ye-su), Jung Ho-bin (Ahn Gwang-ik), Kyeon Mi-ri (Ham), Jung Eun-pyo (Oh Geun), Park Chul-min (Goo Il-seo), Yeo Ho-min (Yang Tae) and more. To be aired in March.