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The Yellow Sea (황해)

황해 (Hwang-hae)

Directed by Na Hong-jin (나홍진)


156min | Release date in South Korea :

Also known as "The Murderer"
Na Hong-jin, director of the 2008 award-winning film “The Chaser,” is back with another action thriller that crosses borderlines. He brings with him “The Chaser” stars Ha Jeong-woo and Kim Yoon-seok, who are once again in the lead.

Gu-nam (Ha), a taxi driver in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture in Jilin Province, in Northeastern China, is living with a mounting debt. His wife left for South Korea six months ago and he hasn’t heard from her since. He starts gambling to make money but always ends up losing.

One day, Gu-nam is offered a job that will pay off all his debts. The job is to assassinate someone in South Korea. He takes the job without knowing much about his target and to see his wife. But when he arrives in Seoul, he ends up being chased by the police because he is wanted for a murder that he did not commit. Gu-nam is starting to realize that he has been tricked into a dangerous trap. But the police aren’t the only ones looking for Gu-nam. Myun-ga (Kim), a professional assassin who also lives in Yanbian, is sent to Seoul to look him as well. Gu-nam has two choices: solve the mystery of who hired him and why Myun-ga is after him by himself or end up in jail for the rest of his life.


The Yellow Sea | Cast

  • Ha Jung-woo (하정우)
    Ha Jung-woo (하정우)
    Kim Goo-nam (김구남
  • Kim Yun-seok (김윤석)
    Kim Yun-seok (김윤석)
    Myeon Jeong-hak (면정학)
  • Jo Sung-ha (조성하)
    Jo Sung-ha (조성하)
    Kim Tae-won (김태원)
  • Lee Chul-min (이철민)
    Lee Chul-min (이철민)
    Choi Seong-nam (최성남)
  • Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Kwak Do-won (곽도원)
    Prof. Kim Seung-hyeon (김승현 교수)
  • Im Ye-won (임예원)
    Im Ye-won (임예원)
    Professor's wife (교수 부인)
  • Tak Seong-eun (탁성은)
    Tak Seong-eun (탁성은)
    Goo-nam's wife (구남 부인)
  • Lee El (이엘)
    Lee El (이엘)
    Joo-yeong (주영)
  • Jung Man-sik (정만식)
    Jung Man-sik (정만식)
    Detective 1 (형사 1)
  • Jung Min-sung (정민성)
    Jung Min-sung (정민성)
    Detective 2 (형사 2)
  • Park Yoon-ho (박윤호)
    Park Yoon-ho (박윤호)
    Ulsan broker 1 (울산 브로커 1)
    Seung Ee-yeol (승의열)
    Ulsan broker 2 (울산 브로커 2)
    Kim Gi-hwan (김기환)
    Professor's driver (교수 운전수)
  • Sung Byung-sook (성병숙)
    Sung Byung-sook (성병숙)
    Goo-nam's mother (구남 모친)
  • Yum Dong-hun (염동헌)
    Yum Dong-hun (염동헌)
    Bold guy (대머리)
  • Gong Jung-hwan (공정환)
    Gong Jung-hwan (공정환)
    Jeon Phil-gyoo (전필규)
    Jo Jeong-yeon (조정연)
    Moon-sik (문식)
    Kim Hong-soo (김홍수)
    Debt collector 1 (빚받이 1)
  • Baek Seung-chul (백승철)
    Baek Seung-chul (백승철)
    Debt collector 1 (빚받이 2)
  • Yoon Byung-hee (윤병희)
    Yoon Byung-hee (윤병희)
    Chinese ethnic Korean waiter (조선족 웨이터)
  • Kang Hyun-joong (강현중)
    Kang Hyun-joong (강현중)
    Sailor of Port Busan (부산항 선원)
  • Jo Jae-yun (조재윤)
    Jo Jae-yun (조재윤)
    Truck driver of Port Busan (부산항 트럭 운전수)
  • Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Son Kang-gook (손강국)
    Bo-eun policeman (보은 경찰 1)
  • Lee Hee-joon (이희준)
    Lee Hee-joon (이희준)
    Bo-eun policeman (보은 경찰 2)
    Sin Gi-seop (신기섭)
    Guy in detective agency (흥신소 남자)
  • Baek Won-kil (백원길)
    Baek Won-kil (백원길)
    Chinese ethnic Korean kidnapper 1 (조선족 납치남1)
    Kim Jin-myeong (진명)
    Chinese ethnic Korean kidnapper 2 (조선족 납치남1)
  • Hwang Suk-jung (황석정)
    Hwang Suk-jung (황석정)
    Dollar dealer (달라상)
  • Jung Dae-yong (정대용)
    Jung Dae-yong (정대용)
    Neighbor Chinese ethnic Korean guy (옆집 조선족 남자)
  • Lim Hyeong-taek (임형택)
    Lim Hyeong-taek (임형택)
    Ansan restaurant owner (안산 식당 사장)
  • Yoo Ha-bok (유하복)
    Yoo Ha-bok (유하복)
    Yeonbyeon taxi company owner (연변 택시 사장)
  • Baek Hyun-joo (백현주)
    Baek Hyun-joo (백현주)
    Garibong pub owner (가리봉 호프집 주인)
  • Park Byung-eun (박병은)
    Park Byung-eun (박병은)
    Banker (은행원)
    Lee Gwi-soon (이귀순)
    Older fisherman (늙은 어부)
    Yoo Myeong-cheol (유명철)
    Mah-jang fighter 1 ( 마작판 싸움남 1)
  • Na Kwang-hoon (나광훈)
    Na Kwang-hoon (나광훈)
    Mah-jang fighter 2 (마작판 싸움남 2)
    Poong Seong-ho (풍성호)
    Mah-jang fighter 3 (마작판 싸움남3)
    Kang Woo-sin (강우신)
    Leader of wide-area investigating team (광역 수사대 팀장)
    Kim Dong-hyeon-II (김동현)
    Wide-area investigator 1 (광역 수사대 형사1)
  • Yang Ki-won (양기원)
    Yang Ki-won (양기원)
    Wide-area investigator 2 (광역 수사대 형사2)
  • Oh Yoon-hong (오윤홍)
    Oh Yoon-hong (오윤홍)
    Tae-won's wife (태원 부인)
    Kim Ki-hyeon (김기현)
    Masseur (안마남)
  • Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    Jang So-yeon (장소연)
    Worker in Doomoon Hotel (도문 호텔 직원)
  • Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Kim Jae-hwa (김재화)
    Member of Doomoon Hotel family (도문 호텔 가운녀)
    Kim Kang-woo (김강우)
    Dog seller 1 (개장수 1)
  • Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Lee Joon-hyuk-I (이준혁)
    Dog seller 2 (개장수 2)
  • Jo Ha-suk (조하석)
    Jo Ha-suk (조하석)
    Dog seller 3 (개장수 3)
    Han Dong-hyeon (한동현)
    Myeon-ga gang 1 (면가 패거리 1)
    Jeong Nam-hyeon (정남현)
    Myeon-ga gang 2 (면가 패거리 2)
    Jeong Beom-mo (정범모)
    Myeon-ga gang 3 (면가 패거리 3)
    Lee Sam-woo (이삼우)
    Myeon-ga gang 4 (면가 패거리 4)
  • Jung Ki-sun (정기선)
    Jung Ki-sun (정기선)
    Myeon-ga gang 5 (면가 패거리 5)
  • Lee Jung-hyun-II (이정현)
    Lee Jung-hyun-II (이정현)
    Myeon-ga gang 6 (면가 패거리 6)
    Choi Jin-gook (최진국)
    Myeon-ga gang 7 (면가 패거리 7)
  • Lee Geun-hoo (이근후)
    Lee Geun-hoo (이근후)
    Myeon-ga gang 8 (면가 패거리 8)
    Kang Min-gyoo (강민규)
    Myeon-ga gang 9 (면가 패거리 9)
    Kim Kyeong-cheon (김경천)
    Tae-won's crew 1 (태원 조직원 1)
    Jeon Jin-woo (전진우)
    Tae-won's crew 2 (태원 조직원 2)
    Yoo Yeong-ook (유영욱)
    Tae-won's crew 3 (태원 조직원 3)
  • Seo Dong-seok (서동석)
    Seo Dong-seok (서동석)
    Tae-won's crew 4 (태원 조직원 4)
    Lee Soo-yong (이수용)
    Tae-won's crew 5 (태원 조직원 5)
  • Kim Ki-suk (김기석)
    Kim Ki-suk (김기석)
    Tae-won's crew 6 (태원 조직원 6)
  • Ki Se-hyung (기세형)
    Ki Se-hyung (기세형)
    Tae-won's crew 7 (태원 조직원 7)
    Yang Gwan-ho (양관호)
    Tae-won's crew 8 (태원 조직원 8)
    Lee Ji-hoon (이지훈)
    Tae-won's crew 9 (태원 조직원 9)
    Lee Gyoo-seop (이규섭)
    Tae-won's crew 10 (태원 조직원 10)
  • Kim Rok-kyung (김록경)
    Kim Rok-kyung (김록경)
    Tae-won's crew 11 (태원 조직원 11)
    Kim Bo-ram (김보람)
    Tae-won's crew 12 (태원 조직원 12)
  • Choo Seung-wook (추승욱)
    Choo Seung-wook (추승욱)
    Tae-won's driver (태원 운전수)
  • Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
    Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
    Unidentified assailant in professor's building 1 (교수 건물 괴한 1)
    Song Won-jong (송원종)
    Unidentified assailant in professor's building 2 (교수 건물 괴한 2)
  • Jeon In-geol (전인걸)
    Jeon In-geol (전인걸)
    Bo-eun conscripted policeman 1 (보은 의경 1)
    Baek Hyeon-woo (백현우)
    Bo-eun conscripted policeman 2 (보은 의경 2)
    Kim Yoon-jeong (김윤정)
    Worker in Ansan restaurant (안산 식당 종업원)
  • Kim Sang-gyoo (김상규)
    Kim Sang-gyoo (김상규)
    Worker in Incheon construction site (인천 공사장 직원)
    Ji-jwin (지쥔)
    Dae-ryeon broker (대련 브로커)
  • Kim Hyeon-joo-I (김현주)
    Kim Hyeon-joo-I (김현주)
    Killed smuggler (죽는 밀항녀)
    Kim Pil-soo (김필수)
    Korean fisherman 1 (한국 어부 1)
    Park Chang-soo (박창수)
    Korean fisherman 2 (한국 어부 2)
    Jang Bong-tae (장봉태)
    Korean fisherman 3 (한국 어부 3)
    Im Jae-min (임재민)
    Korean fisherman 4 (한국 어부 4)
    Kim Soon-hong (김순홍)
    Chinese fisherman 1 (중국 어부 1)
    Kim Yeong-cheol (김영철)
    Chinese fisherman 2 (중국 어부 2)
    Jin Mo (진모)
    Chinese fisherman 3 (중국 어부 3)
    Kim Yook-ryong (김육룡)
    Chinese fisherman 4 (중국 어부 4)
    Go Hae-seong (고해성)
    Chinese fisherman 5 (중국 어부 5)
    Kim Sang-geun (김상근)
    Garibong Choseon tribe 1 (가리봉 조선족 1)
    Kwak-yong (곽용)
    Garibong Choseon tribe 2 (가리봉 조선족 2)
    Cheon Myeong-jae (천명재)
    Garibong Choseon tribe 3 (가리봉 조선족 3)
  • Park Yeong-woong (박영웅)
    Park Yeong-woong (박영웅)
    Garibong Choseon tribe 4 (가리봉 조선족 4)
  • Kim Bong-joo (김봉주)
    Kim Bong-joo (김봉주)
    Garibong Choseon tribe 5 (가리봉 조선족 5)
    Yang Il-nam (양일남)
    Goo-nam's wife's lover (구남 부인 정부)
    Kim Il-goo (김일구)
    Ulsan private rental broker (울산 민박집 브로커)
    Song Gap-seok (송갑석)
    Owner of sushi shop (일식집 지배인)
  • Choi Wook (최욱)
    Choi Wook (최욱)
    Chasing cop (추격 경찰)
    Kim Choon-rim (김춘림)
    Young Goo-nam (구남 아역)
    Lee Ji-oh (이지오)
    Goo-nam's daughter (구남 딸)
  • Ahn Seo-hyun (안서현)
    Ahn Seo-hyun (안서현)
    Professor's daughter (교수 딸)
  • Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)
    Lee Yoo-mi (이유미)
    Tae-won's daughter (태원 딸)
    Kim Byeong-seok (김병석)
    Pastor (교회 목사)
    Lee Jae-woo (이재우)
    Sausage guy in convenience store ( 편의점 쏘세지 남자)
    Bae Soo-kyeong (배수경)
    Mother in bus to Bo-eun (보은행 버스 승객 엄마)
  • Park Jae-hong-I (박재홍)
    Park Jae-hong-I (박재홍)
    Security in Port Busan 1 (부산항 부두 경비 1)
    Lee Eun-seo (이은서)
    Daughter in bus to Bo-eun (보은행 버스 승객 딸)
    Oh Gook-hwan (오국환)
    Security in Port Busan 2 (부산항 부두 경비 2)
    Jo Soon-jae (조순재)
    Woker in massage shop 1 (안마시술소 직원 1)
    Lee Dong-soo (이동수)
    Woker in massage shop 2 (안마시술소 직원 2)
    Lee Jeong-eun (이정은)
    Woker in massage shop 3 (안마시술소 직원 3)
    Sin Chang-oh (신창오)
    Guy in bsaement of transportation company 1 (운수 회사 지하실 남자 1)
  • Lee Woo-dong (이우동)
    Lee Woo-dong (이우동)
    Guy in bsaement of transportation company 2 (운수 회사 지하실 남자 2)
    Oh Choong-sin (오충신)
    Guy in bsaement of transportation company 3 (운수 회사 지하실 남자 3)
    Jeong Myeong-sik (정명식)
    Guy in bsaement of transportation company 4 (운수 회사 지하실 남자 4)
    Im Man-gyoo (임만규)
    Security in professor's building 1 (교수 건물 경비 1)
    Kim Dong-soo (김동수)
    Security in professor's building 2 (교수 건물 경비 2)
  • Jeong Hye-won-I (정혜원)
    Jeong Hye-won-I (정혜원)
    Ulsan broker's hostess (울산 브로커 접대부)
    Kim Hee-seon (김희선)
    Girl in Ulsan private rental (울산 민박집 여자)
  • Bang Hye-young (방혜영)
    Bang Hye-young (방혜영)
    Female worker in Hwaseong bus company (화성 버스 회사 여직원)
    Jang Yoon-yeong (장윤영)
    Reporter 1 (방송 화면 기자 1)
    Sin Hyeon-hee (신현희)
    Reporter 2 (방송 화면 기자 2)
    Park Hee-seok (박희석)
    Reporter 3 (방송 화면 기자 3)
    Heo Yoon-seon (허윤선)
    Reporter 4 (방송 화면 기자 4)
  • Han Yi-jin (한이진)
    Han Yi-jin (한이진)
    Uncredited, stow away man (uncredited, 밀항남)
    No Nam-seok (노남석)
    Goo-nam stand-in (구남 대역)

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 Hong Won-chan (홍원찬)
 Kwon Ji-hoon (권지훈)
 Martial arts team
 Lee Kang-hee-I (이강희)
 Field editing
 Kim Tae-hoon-II (김태훈)
 Computer graphics
 Kim Bong-joo (김봉주)
 Directing department
 Lee Hoo-kyoung (이후경)
 Art director/Production designer
 Lee Byung-hoon (이병훈)
 Score composer
 Kim Sun-min (김선민)
 Yoo Sang-seob (유상섭)
 Martial arts director
 Park Hong-yeol (박홍열)
 Lighting/cinematography department
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Stunt/martial arts department
 Jung Hee-joon (정희준)
 Martial arts team
 Kim Min-ho-IV (김민호)
 Martial arts team
 Choi Je-heon (최제헌)
 Martial arts team
 Yoo Sang-seob (유상섭)
 Car stunts
 Kwon Kwi-deok (권귀덕)
 Car stunts
 Baek Dong-hyeon (백동현)
 Car stunts
 Kim Joo-hwan (김주환)
 Marketing department
Technical Information
156 min 35mm Cinemascope (2.35)
Web site
Festival(s) & award(s)
Sales or release dates & Box Office
Airing dates : 2010/12/22
South Korean Box Office
Source : &
As of 2011.01.23 : 2,269,474 admissions (total)
As of 2011.01.16 : 2,235,637 admissions (total)
As of 2011.01.09 : 2,114,268 admissions (total)
As of 2011.01.02 : 1,816,444 admissions (total)
As of 2010.12.26 : 1,059,400 admissions (total)

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The Yellow Sea (황해)

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