59th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2023 Winners Complete List - Part 1

Complete list (Part 1) of the 59th Daejong Film Awards (Grand Bell Awards) 2023 winners announced on November, 14 2023.


Best Picture

"Concrete Utopia"

"The Night Owl"
"Next Sohee"




Best Director

Ryoo Seung-wan - "Smugglers"

Kang Je-gyu - "Road to Boston"
Eom Tae-hwa - "Concrete Utopia"
Yim Soon-rye - "The Point Men"
Kim Jee-woon - "Cobweb"
July Jung - "Next Sohee"




Best Actress

Kim Seo-hyung - "Greenhouse"

Yum Jung-ah - "Smugglers"
Jung Yu-mi - "Sleep"
Bae Doona - "Next Sohee"
Yang Mal-bok - "The Apartment With Two Women"
Kim Sun-young - "Dream Palace"




Best Actor

Lee Byung-hun - "Concrete Utopia"

Song Kang-ho - "Cobweb"
Ryu Jun-yeol - "The Night Owl"
Im Si-wan - "Road to Boston"
Do Kyung-soo - "The Moon"




Best Supporting Actress

Kim Sun-young - "Concrete Utopia"

Na Moon-hee - "Hero"
Go Min-si - "Smugglers"
Jung Soo-jung - "Cobweb"
Jeon Yeo-been - "Cobweb"




Best Supporting Actor

Oh Jung-se - "Cobweb"

Kim Jong-soo - "Smugglers"
Ko Kyu-pil - "The Roundup: No Way Out"
Park Jung-min - "Smugglers"
Kang Ki-young - "The Point Men"


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Best New Actress

Kim Si-eun-I - "Next Sohee"

Ahn Eun-jin - "The Night Owl"
Lym Ji-ho - "The Apartment With Two Women"
Oh Woo-ri - "Hail to Hell"
Moon Seung-ah - "The Hill of Secrets"




Best New Actor

 Kim Seon-ho - "The Childe"

Lee Sin-young - "Rebound"
Kim Sung-cheol - "The Night Owl"
Byeon Woo-seok - "Soulmate"
Park Sung-hoon - "Hail to Hell"




Best New Director

Ahn Tae-jin - "The Night Owl"

Lee Sol-hui - "Greenhouse"
Kim Se-in-I - "The Apartment With Two Women"
Lee Ji-eun-IV - "The Hill of Secrets"
Ka Sung-moon"Dream Palace"




 Best Screenplay

    Hyun Gyu-ri & Ahn Tae-jin - "The Night Owl"

Lee Sin-jiEom Tae-hwa - "Concrete Utopia"
    Shin Yeon-shick - "Cobweb"
    Jason Yu - "Sleep"
    July Jung - "Next Sohee"
    Kim Se-in-I - "The Apartment With Two Women"




Best Documentary

Yonghi Yang - "Soup and Ideology"

Koh Heeyoung - "Legend of the Waterflowers"
Hwang Yoon - "Sura: A Love Song"
Mario Lee - "Little Garden"
Lee So-hyun - "The Talent Show"




Lifetime Achievement Award

Chang Mi-hee




Daejong's Actor Attention Award

Jung Sung-hwa - "Hero"




Daejong's Attention Award

"Dream Palace" - Ka Sung-moon




Daejong's Director Attention Award

 Park Jae-beom-IV - "Mother Land"